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You may remember the original fad pet which is back and better than ever, or you may be scratching your head thinking "why does my kid want me to buy him a ROCK...a ROCK!?" Pet Rock is a fidget, a friend, a paperweight, an amazing gag gift, and an adorable tabletop companion. Packed in a cute cardboard case complete with air holes (for breathing, duh), Pet Rock comes ready to be personalized and with a manual to take care of your rock and nurture it! Also, 2 sets of googly eyes and adhesive fuzzy hair (colors vary and are a surprise).
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This mysterious creature comes cardboard case complete with airholes- but yes, it's a rock. Pet Rock comes ready to be personalized, a care and training manual, 2 sets of googly eyes, and adhesive fuzzy hair. Rock measures 2.5 to 3 inches in length.